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Elo Vazquez [entries|friends|calendar]
Plop plop planes

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10 years [22 Oct 2014|02:10pm]

Dear Livejournal,
Óttar and me got married on our 10th anniversary. It was a lovely day. The loveliest day.
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Icelandic summer journal [18 Aug 2013|02:00pm]

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The awareness of possibilities [10 Dec 2012|08:52pm]

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Blo-j [23 Aug 2012|08:53pm]

   I'm way too emotionally attached to Livejournal to leave from here, but after a lot of thinking and even though I'm all over the Internet I decided to have a blog as well. If you want to follow me you're more than welcome:

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Photo crisis / Four bits from last winter [22 Aug 2012|05:03pm]

I need a new blog, a place to put all these pictures. Facebook is destroying everything, Tumblr is too silent, there's noone in LJ. 

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5 days in Paris [08 Aug 2012|09:02pm]

Óttar by me, me by Óttar. 
Hi. How's your summer going?
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[14 Jul 2012|09:16pm]

Flaggy London, June 2012
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